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Rap Mogul Slim Williams Bought South Florida's Biggest House, In Weston, For Lots Of Cash Money

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Slim Williams, the rap mogul co-founder of Cash Money Records, has purchased South Florida's largest private house, a massive 34,000 square footer, for $7.15 million bucks, from the founder of Mattress Giant. The house, which is surprisingly located nowhere near the ocean, is in South Florida's most excessively suburban of suburbs, Weston, FL,, a stone's throw away from the Everglades. It is, of course, located in Weston's priciest corner, Windmill Ranch, which is protected by, get this, three layers of guard gates. The house itself, with 9 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a 6,000 square foot "multi-purpose room", a wine room, a movie theater, indoor and outdoor pools, a grotto, and an indoor tennis court. Oh, and it's only a hair larger than South Florida's most expensive home, that record setting 30,000 square foot modern manse in Indian Creek.

The whole affair is shrouded in secrecy, which obviously didn't last long.

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