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Miami's Hottest Male & Female Brokers Go Head To Head

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We have our winners! Introducing Miami's Hottest Male Broker Chad Carroll, and Miami's Hottest Female Broker Ines Hegedus-Garcia. They've each got a lot of hotness to show off, but is this the end of the s competition? You better believe it isn't. Now, Ines and Chad are going head to head against each other to determine Miami's Hottest Broker, period. Let the voting begin!

To your left is Chad Carroll of Douglas Elliman. To your right is Ines Hegedus-Garcia of Majestic Properties. Each of these two hotties has copious physical assets, which we'll show you again in slightly more revealing pics, after the jump. Our winner will be announced on Monday.

We give you Chad Carroll's abs and Ines Hegedus-Garcia's plunging neckline:

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