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With Strong Unit Sales, Icon Bay Has Gone Rendering Crazy

Either the Related Group got a bulk discount on renderings for Icon Bay, or they've started spending like mad because sales are just that good (word is reservations were made for 23 percent of the building in the first week of sales). They're churning out sexy images of the tower we love to hate at a furious pace. This time we've got more shots of the public park under the tower, with the tower's hulking columns and emergency staircase covered in vines. The tennis courts are looking quite fetching, with rooftop trees for shade. Oh, and just for kicks Related has thrown in a few more shots of the tower itself that play up just how prismatic and textured the balconies and single-loaded exterior emergency corridors on this otherwise giant slab of a building are.
· Word is reservations were made on 23% already [exMiami]
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Icon Bay

460 NE 28th St., Miami, FL