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A $6.9 Million House, With Rooftop Pool, On The Venetian Isles

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Here's a nice contemporary house, in that generically boxy, white, modern style with floor-to-ceiling windows that looks like something vaguely Miesian, if Mies van der Rohe ever had any inclination to come to Miami to get a tan. It's on the side of the Venetian Causeway with all the views of the downtown Miami skyline, super-lux Hibiscus Island megamansions, and the cruise ships at PortMiami. The generously sized 7,117 square foot house fills up its narrow lot, leaving no place to put the infinity pool, but on the roof, where the luscious views are best taken advantage of anyways. Filling up that square footage are seven bedrooms, eight and a half baths, a waterfront kitchen, and a "programmable" elevator (whatever that is). The whole thing can be had for $6.9 million.
· 1374 S Venetian Way [Curbed Marketplace]