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Jackie Gleason's Famous Miami Beach House Hits The Market

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The house that Jackie Gleason famously moved into when he brought The Jackie Gleason Show down to Miami Beach in 1964, at 2232 Alton Road, has just hit the market for $2.399 Million. This almost 8,000 square foot party pad, with its distinctive front grand staircase leading to the second floor, so Gleason would have a good view of the Miami Beach Country Club, has eight bedrooms, seven and a half baths, three kitchens, a separate wing for the help, a terrazzo dance floor, an indoor fountain, a large gym with jacuzzi, a soda fountain, and lots of really fabulously funky midcentury architectural details. It looks like a spectacular party house, which is what Gleason used it for mostly. After a year of living there full-time, he had an even larger, and much more normal looking house built for himself just outside Hialeah, keeping his Miami Beach place for parties.

UPDATE: Now you can rent it for $15,000/month.
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Jackie Gleason House

2232 Alton Rd., Miami Beach, FL