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NPR Cities Project Talks About Brickell Green Space

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Yesterday, on All Things Considered, the NPR Cities Project took a big, deep look at ever-so-dense-and-urban Brickell and the neighborhood's serious lack of parkland. Then they take a quick look at the new, but tiny, 1814 Brickell Park, just outside Brickell's urban core.

So, what does NPR propose to do about the expanding concrete jungle? Build Brickell Green Space right in the heart of it of course, giving Brickell the Central Park it never had. In perhaps the biggest PR success of the campaign for Brickell Green Space thus far, a national audience got to hear just how much of a gritty, Manhattan-wannabe urban jungle Miami is becoming and what's being done about it. Our good friend Craig Chester, urbanist, provocateur, transit-guy, and summer long-distance bicyclist (sweat much?) was interviewed. Good job Craig!
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Brickell Green Space

431-451 S. Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida