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Check Out Related's Edgewater Building-Over-Park, Icon Bay

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Remember that sticky situation in which the Related Group got a pretty sweet deal from Miami city commissioners for some primo formerly-public-road real estate in exchange for installing a public park beneath a tower? Well, here's the tower. And the park (underneath it). It's a big 40 story monolith (that's an architectural term, and a derogatory one) with 300 units. The whole place will be designed by Arquitectonica, with an as-yet-unnamed interior decorator. The park will be fenced in, and only open from dawn 'til dusk, apparently per the request of the "Edgewater Homeowners Association," an organization with which we are not familiar.

Related's calling the building Icon Bay, which means it'll be one of the really fancy high-end 'Icon' branded Related buildings like Icon Brickell or Icon South Beach, which is nice. It also means Related's got some high hopes for the neighborhood, which is still a transitional nabe despite the current proliferation of new condo towers here. So, that's nice too. So, it's a mixed situation, with Related extracting a high price to bestow an edgy neighborhood like Edgewater (get it? haha) with one of their oh-so-prestigious buildings. Sounds a bit imperialistic, don't you think?
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Icon Bay

460 NE 28th St., Miami, FL