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Miami's Wall Of Wind Can Blow 157 Miles An Hour

This double row of what must be the absolutely hugest fans known to mankind is the Wall of Wind located at the International Hurricane Research Center at Florida International University. On the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew's dramatic Miami debut, the WOW has been upgraded with even more hard-blowing fan power, to create a mega-machine with a peak wind speed of 157 miles/hour designed to literally blow stuff apart. That's slightly under Andrew's peak land gust of 165 miles, but the WOW still blows pretty frickin' hard. Putting little test houses in front of the WOW, flipping the switch, and letting her blow, shows just how much damage this big lady can do, and how much building codes have improved since, and because of, Andrew.

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Florida International University

11200 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33199