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Icon Bay Will Conquer Biscayne Bay, With Big Fountain

Please excuse the fuzzy pictures. They're from a rough draft of the sales brochure for Related Group's oh so snazzy, but neighborhood-consuming, new project, Icon Bay, designed by their "house architects" Arquitectonica. What's Icon taking over exactly? Well, first on the list, of course, is the formerly public street with bay access. They're turning it into a park that looks about as public as the building's own amenity deck. Second, they're hogging all the views, and the public sight lines to the bay which that street used to provide. Third, now they're expanding into the bay with a big fountain, pending city approval (like there's a chance they won't get that). Curbed Miami has given Related a lot of flack over this project. This time though, it's all good, at least as far as the fountain is concerned. A fountain in the bay would be pretty damn cool, and would be a nice amenity for the public at large. We'll give them credit where it's due. Way to go, Related, way to go.
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Icon Bay

460 NE 28th St., Miami, FL