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Master Modernist Jorge Arango's 'Villa May' May Be A Goner!

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So, a billionaire coal mining heir by the name of Wayne Boich Jr. has gotten himself engaged to a blushing blond, and purchased about $20 million in real estate on which to build his dream home. Alas, a third of that land contains a midcentury modernist masterwork called Villa May, by architect Jorge Arango, founder of the eponymous design store, who only built three other houses in Miami. The fate of the house is unknown, but it's expected that Boich will tear it down, and preservationists (wake up preservationists!) fear the worst. We've compiled some images, from an old copy of Florida Architect and from the good graces of a few great tipsters, who remembered the house before we did. If you have any info on Villa May, please send it in to the tip line.

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Villa May

4700 North Bay Road, Miami Beach, FL