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Car2go Car Sharing Has Officially Hit The Streets Of Miami

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Can Miamians comprehend this level of intellectual hipness? Can we embrace car sharing, or does the "public utility" ick-factor immediately throw us for a loop? (We're so snobby) Well, you better believe Miamians are going to like it, as soon as we, you know, grow up a little. After all, didn't the people of Miami Beach just fall in love with DecoBike? Here now, Car2go, basically the car version of DecoBike, has hit the streets of Miami. 240 identical smart cars are scattered around town available to rent for 38 cents a minute or $13 an hour (the price goes down the longer you have it). They can be picked up, and parked, in any Miami Parking Authority metered spot within Miami's central areas, and they don't have to be left where you found them, meaning one-way trips are fine.
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