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Brickell's Three Upcoming Towers Are All Sold Out, Almost

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Hot damn! Brickell's three upcoming residential towers: mybrickell, 1100 Millecento, and BrickellHouse, are almost entirely sold out. Only 20 units remain among the three, or a measly 2.1%. BrickellHouse and mybrickell have both broke ground, and mybrickell has actually built a few stories, but 1100 Millecento won't even scratch the dirt until October. And what about the massive Brickell CitiCentre, that just recently broke ground but has barely scratched the earth? Well, they haven't started sales yet.
· 1100 Millecento, BrickellHouse, mybrickell are on the brink of selling out. [Miami Condo Investments]


30 SE Sixth St., Miami, FL

1100 Millecento

1100 S. Miami Ave., Miami, FL