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Send In Your Last Minute Nominations For Hottest Brokers 2012

Know any hot, hot, hot real estate professionals? Did that sexy realtor who sold you your last place get you all hot and bothered? Do you seem to have a powerful way with your clients, who always seem to be impressed by your, uh, assets? Then nominate them or yourself with a picture and a little info for Curbed Miami's first annual Miami's Hottest Brokers Contest fast. We'll begin announcing the nominees for the first round of the Miami's Hottest Brokers competition next week, which doesn't leave much time to get the last of the nominees in, before its too late. And don't worry, nominators will remain confidential.

As a final note, it looks like there was a bit of a snafu about the nomination deadline, which was not July 26th or 27th or whatever, as we had originally reported. Although we will begin announcing nominees on Monday, we will be accepting nominations throughout the initial round. So, hurry, but don't hurry so much you trip over something and fall on that beautiful face of yours. It could be the face of Miami's next Hottest Broker. We don't want it maimed!
—Background illustration: N.Réka/Shutterstock. Male illustration: MANSILIYA YURY/Shutterstock