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A Fort Lauderdale Catastrophe Of The Century

Over at Curbed National, they've got a real estate listing that really takes the cake. They call this a Florida Catastrophe, and a strong contender for worst house of 2012. In defense of our dear, dear land of South Florida, home of man-eating cannibals/zombies/whatever (anybody see the interview with the victim last night?) we say, hot damn look at that 25,000 square foot, $10 Million spread. Is that an elephant head on the wall? If you're gonna do an illusionistic African savannah room with all your taxidermied big game kills, shouldn't your model be the dioramas at the American Museum of Natural History, and not a Magritte painting?
· Florida Catastrophe A Contendor For Worst House of 2012 [Curbed National]