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Wynwood's Getting A Flagship Ducati Showroom

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When will Wynwood, as inevitably happens with all things "underground," loose its edge and become mainstream? Judging by the overwhelming throngs attending gallery night each second Saturday of the month, full of chongas, suburbanites, and douchy people only there because it's "cool", our little artsy neighborhood may totally have already done so. We may bemoan Wynwood's economic boom, but it's actually ok. Really. Art is huge in Miami, and if the uncouth masses love it, that just means our town is even cooler than ever. But we've got to prepare for the inroads of the corporate world in our little artsy hood.

And here come the capitalists! Starving artists, meet Ducati, the really fast, and really expensive motorcycles. They're setting up shop in Wynwood, and boy will this Flagship Ducati Showroom have everything, including a retail store and repair shop. Plans for a Ducati-branded cafe seem to have been nixed though. Designed by Juan C. Linares, of RWB / Linares Architecture, Ducati's Wynwood Flagship store will open this December, coinciding with Art Basel.

· News originally broke back in May [Curbed Miami]