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A Lazy Day On The Big Blanket; Fall Architectural Lectures

DOWNTOWN - Artist Misael Soto had his giant, temporary-real-estate-subverting, picnic blanket out for the afternoon in Bayfront Park on Saturday. Maybe it was something about rolling around on the 60x60 foot blanket itself, or that Misael decided to lay it out so close to the Bayfront Park trapeze school, but some picnickers seemed to be in a very acrobatic mood. [Curbedwire]

ACADEMIA - The schools of architecture at the University of Miami and Florida International University each have a series of lectures, screenings, and events happening over the fall semester, the vast majority of which are open to the public and, perhaps more importantly, free. Speakers include visiting scholars and other luminaries. Up next is "Sustainability=Equity" a lecture by Mike Pyatok, of Pyatok Architects, Oakland, California and Prof. Emeritus of Architecture at University of Washington. It's at UM's Glasgow Hall, 6 pm, next Wednesday, the 19th. Be there, or be square. [Curbedwire]

University Of Miami

5501 San Amaro Dr., Coral Gables, Florida 33146