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Is That A Roof Garden Atop Icon Bay? And More Renderings...

Will Icon Bay, that building we're only slightly obsessed with picking apart, have a rooftop garden crowning its 40-floor bulk? New renderings, showing the top corner of a residential tower with trees on the roof, and spectacular views of Biscayne Bay, are hinting at the possibility. What's the deal, Icon? The tennis courts are supposed to be lined with trees, but those are just on the parking garage, and not even waterfront, so that can't be it.

A few other renderings have come out too, including a site plan filled in with additional details, and higher resolution versions of some things we've already seen, but none of those are revealing any new mysteries, like the mysterious rooftop garden. You're already straddling a public park, on those big piloti of yours, Icon dearest, so is a roof garden next? If it's open to the public, it just might make up for the recent closing of the thrilling Club 50, on top of your sibling, Icon Brickell.

We close with that fabulous image of the tennis courts, just for kicks:

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Icon Bay

460 NE 28th St., Miami, FL