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This Is Icon Bay's Possibly Not-So-Public Sculpture Park

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As the last few renderings of Icon Bay trickle out, one in particular shows why that public waterfront park under the building may not actually be all that public after all. It's a new park that Related has agreed to build and operate for the City in exchange for the developable air rights above it. Look here, at the entrance to the park, which is also the front drive to Icon Bay itself, aligned with the end of NE 28th street. To the right, a tangle of metal rods that must be the park's very artsy fence appears to encircle the drive. Where, we'd like to know, along that fence is the entrance to the public park? And must one tip the building's valet just to get in?

The Related Group is calling it a "park filled with art." CEO Jorge Perez waxes poetic in a note at the front of the project's glossy sales brochure about his passion for everything artistic, his private collection, his big donation to the Miami Art Museum, and the "fantastic park filled with public art" at Icon Bay. Works by artists Jose Bedia Valdes, Carolina Sardi, and the Cutticas have been announced, with the Gary Nader and Daniel Maman galleries curating the selection.

Above is a map of the park, with its gloriously grassy, Arquitectonica-designed expanse. The biggest grassy-looking large oval to the left that spans the entire entrance, is actually the building's driveway. Below, a site plan of the entire site, showing the whole Icon Bay enchilada, and lastly, a view of the bay from Biscayne Boulevard, looking directly at the Icon Bay site. It certainly doesn't look like all that much now, but the bay is bright blue, and very visible from the boulevard. Is this an improvement, or a deprivation of public access to the bay? Tell us what you think, in the comments.

P.S. We still have no word for you on the curious roof garden question. We tweeted Icon Bay on the subject, linking to that post. They didn't answer, but instead retweeted the article to their own followers. Sounds like they won't affirm or deny, but they will encourage the speculation. Well played, Related, well played.

P.P.S. See those exterior walkways above the glass-walled resident's amenities level? Those aren't exterior hallways to apartments. No, this building is too upscale for that. Each apartment comes with its own private elevator lobby. Those walkways are emergency exits, or more technically "single-loded exterior emergency exit corridors." And that's the side visible from Biscayne Blvd. Hmm, sounds nice.

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