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Yet Again, Brickell Flatiron Park Looks Very Stalled

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We passed by Brickell Flatiron Park's construction site just yesterday, and the project not only looks like it's totally stalled, but possibly even dead. Not a bit of dirt or a single tree has moved on that site for a while. This is the park that developer Mallory Kauderer was building for public use until the economy recovered enough to sustain a new project on the land, which he owns. Landscape architect Raymond Jungles, who seems to be everywhere these days, even designed the landscaping bro bono. It gets the Flatiron name from the building Kauderer eventually plans for the narrow triangular site, a monumental tower by Enrique Norten, evoking a modernist version of the Flatiron Building in New York. It's also called, more simply, Triangle Park.

We're sure that nothing has happened at Flatiron Park since at least mid-August, when we last thought something fishy was up, but it may have been way longer. For one brief, shinning moment in June, construction had resumed when PVC piping was seen being installed, fresh soil arrived, and a commenter reported the planting of a Kapok tree. Ground broke a year ago this month, with completion originally planned for December last year, which very clearly didn't happen.

Not much has happened since. Meanwhile, the parking lot in the park's northern half is packed with patrons of nearby Mary Brickell Village. Although the parking lot stays a lot in the final design, maybe Kauderer decided to just not bother with the rest.

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Brickell Flatiron Park

1100 SE First Ave., Miami, FL