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Kourtney and Kim Take The Venetian Isles

The Kardashians have been house shopping - not for a real house, but for a TV one they can film and live in for three months straight - and it seems they've found a keeper. Now they've just got to get all kozy with the neighbors of 714 W. Di Lido Dr., because, to constantly film for such an extended period of time, the City of Miami Beach requires 90 percent of people living within a 500 foot radius to agree.

Now that Kourtney's had a baby, they're looking for a more residential environment than the penthouse of the Bentley Bay hotel, which was last season's home base. The house is a six bedroom, five bath, Mediterranean revival spread with a barrel tile roof and fetching black and white striped awnings out front. It's bayfront, and on the northwest portion of DiLido Isle, on the Venetian Causeway.
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