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The Mayfair, Rehabbed, Is Reopening This Friday

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Coconut Grove's iconic Mayfair Hotel will reopen this Friday with a new look, which, according to early pictures, basically looks like its famously eclectic old look freshened up, reupholstered, rehung, refeathered, replanted, and basically well-maintained. The guest rooms will gleam again, and the rooftop pool will look great but, according to what we've heard, everything that makes the Mayfair the Mayfair will still be there. Architect Kenneth Treister's wild Gaudi-like facade is still wild and Gaudi-like, the Japanese tubs are still on the balconies, the Tiffany glass hasn't been touched, the headboards are still art nouveau confections, and the atriums that are the hotel's most dramatic interior spaces are still subtropical fantasias.