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Here's Al Capone's House All Dolled Up, With Furniture In It

Home staging isn't a particularly rare thing, but what do you do when you're working with Al Capone's house, an historic but relatively modest place on plenty of premium land that the new owners could easily tear down for something new and massive? Well, ideally you get it designated historic, so they can't tear it down, even if they wanted to. Next, you stage it like you've never staged before.

The house has been filled with $100,000 in Brazilian furniture, in the hopes that whatever millionaire who buys it will treasure the house they have, and not the 30,000+ square foot giant they could. Did Al Capone fill his mediterranean revival house with slightly modern Brazilian furniture, when he bought it in 1928? Ok, so it's probably not historically accurate, but the decor fits the house's Spanish style, looks gorgeous, and if it means possibly saving the house, then hey, it's worth it.
· 93 Palm Ave., Miami Beach, FL [Douglas Elliman]

Al Capone's House

93 Palm Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida