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DawnTown's 2012 Project; Jorge Perez Gives It All Away

DOWNTOWN - DawnTown, the annual ideas competition that asks designers to come up with a creative solution to a theoretical project for downtown Miami, has gotten a lot more ambitious. This year they'll actually build the winning project. They're asking a designer or designers to "create a low cost, innovative, and temporary installation in Miami," which sounds fascinating, but vague. So, what will they ask those intrepid designers to do? The entrants will find out after they submit portfolios and written statements. [DawnTown]

MUSEUM PARK - Jorge Perez, the CEO of the Related Group, has upped his $35 million donation of money and art to MAM, which is changing its name to the Perez Art Museum Miami, to $40 million. This comes at about the same time as news that he's signed a pledge to donate half his net worth to charity either before or after his death. [SFBJ, Forbes]

Perez Art Museum Miami

1075 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida