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Rambling 4 Bdrm Aqua Apartment, For Just Under A Million

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Here's a four bedroom, four and a half bath apartment at Aqua, that New Urbanist enclave on Miami Beach's Allison Island, with "spectacular views of the intracoastal" for just under a million dollars. $987,000 to be exact. It's a corner unit, and at 2,752 square feet it's quite roomy. The place has been on the market for quite a while, which might be a reason the price doesn't invoke sticker shockm despite the size, amenities, and location. Forgive the lime green paint job. That's easily fixed. And you'll have to live with small windows in two of the bedrooms. You're stuck with those.
· 6103 Aqua Ave., Apt. 504, Miami Beach [Curbed Marketplace]

Aqua Allison Island

201 Aqua Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida