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Yeah, Miami's First Ski Resort Will Be Incredibly Sustainable

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How environmentally friendly can the world's largest winter sports complex - basically a giant freezer - be in balmy 95 degree South Florida? Well, try LEED Platinum on for size. That's the goal of the designers of Pelion Sunrise, now being proposed, which will be designed to max out the number of possible points in every LEED category. According to the Pelion Concept Design Report, the giant iceberg-looking building will actually be a green wonder, and a veritable encyclopedia of sustainable technologies and strategies.

The report throws down everything from a green roof that will have %25 more green land than the building takes up, to maximized permeable surfaces, tributary bioswales, biofiltration, oxygenation, multidisciplinary project delivery, systems integration, closed-loop greywater cycling, bioremediation, biogas production via anaerobic digestion, indigenous landscaping, urban agriculture, environmental art, syngas and biogas as fuels for on site gas-fired generators, solar cooling, electric vehicle charging stations, a robotic parking garage, indoor living walls, skylights, a waterfall feature that doubles as a cooling tower, and a shape designed to mimic the organic water-retention abilities of real glaciers and icebergs, etc., etc. Oh, and a don't eat the snow! It's made out of greywater too.

Inside the world's largest winter sports complex, the "winter wonderland" will include dynamic downhill skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, ice skating, and tubing, all in a picturesque wintery setting. There will be a skate park, go cart track, climbing maze, indoor skydiving (!), paintball, lasertag, a hotel, a lakefront boardwalk with restaurants, and, inevitably, plenty of shopping. Topping it all off, a rooftop restaurant will overlook the green roof, and the distant Everglades.

2012 09 19 SustainableDesignStrategies2sm PDF

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Pelion Sunrise

2330 Northwest 136th Avenue, Sunrise, Florida