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Watch Porsche Tower's Great Glass Car Elevators In Action

"Oh my god, that is so effing insane" is what we would be saying right now, with jaws dropped to the floor, if we weren't so tired of talking about developer Gil Dezer's Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles Beach, because boy-oh-boy, this video's got the whole place in action.

The vid opens with a Porsche (what else would it be?) driving through a rather normal looking garage, which is kind of a let down at first, but don't worry, that's just where visitors (and the help, no doubt) park. The porsche slides onto a turntable, into an elevator cab, and whoosh! Up to your floor you go! You see a double level unit, with a pool on the balcony, the main pool downstairs, and lots of fancy panning of the tower itself. But as apocalyptically decadent as the whole thing is, there's one disappointment. The car elevators don't seem to be ocean view, despite early claims that they were! They do have a view, on the lower floors, but it's just of the front driveway, and Collins Avenue, through a sliced out part of the building. Well, hmm... If you can't see waves crest while ascending vertically in your car, than what's the point of even living?
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Porsche Design Tower

18555 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160