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Midtown Walmart Roars Ahead, Submits Permit App. To City

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Walmart, that mega-corporation that just won't quit, has submitted plans and a permit application for their new and very controversial Midtown Miami store. The 184,000 square foot store will include a full service grocery, garden center, pharmacy, and vision center, opening in late 2014 at the earliest. The beige facade will mimic the faux-mediterranean aesthetic already used throughout Midtown, with varied building elevations, the store on the ground floor, two levels of parking above, and 10,500 square feet of small scale retailers along the street frontage. The main entrance will be on the corner of Midtown Boulevard and NE 31st Street. Although its worlds away from the typical Walmart look, it's still very much a Walmart, and not world's away enough say many anti-Walmart activists, who insist the only good place for a Walmart is world's away from Midtown.
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Midtown Walmart

2901 N. Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida