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mybrickell Hits The Twelfth Floor; Fall New World Wallcasts

BRICKELL - mybrickell, that Related Group tower designed by Karim Rashid that holds the honor of hoisting the first post-economic-crash crane in Brickell, has reached twelve whole floors, and of course construction continues unabated. [exMiami]

SOUTH BEACH - The New World Symphony has announced its wallcasts - orchestral performances projected on the side of the New World Center building so you can sit in Miami Beach Soundscape Park with its incredible sound system and pretend you're about 100 feet away, inside the building and listening to the actual performance instead of a really good duplication of it - for the 2012/2013 season. There's some good stuff, from Parisian and Viennese arrangements, to Rachmaninoff's rhapsody (probably just a lot of Rach.) and the Mahler Legacy, part 4. [NWS]


30 SE Sixth St., Miami, FL