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Kobi Karp Wire

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Local architect Kobi Karp, who designs what developers like, seems to be getting all the big mass-market projects coming on line lately. Those are the ones where the developer wants a big, new, glassy tower just as over luxurious as all the others. He's doing Chateau Beach Sunny Isles, Cadillac expansion, and the Versailles expansion, among others. Now Mr. Karp has snagged the Miami Beach Surf Club, in Surfside. Well, actually he's snagged the commission for whatever the new owners want to squeeze onto the historic club's site. Plans have not yet been released, but the town has a strict twelve floor height limit, so we'll likely see twelve floors of glass. For more on the changes at the Surf Club, see here. [exMiami; Curbed Miami]

Photo of Winston Churchill painting watercolors at the Surf Club

The Surf Club

9011 Collins Avenue, , FL 33154 Visit Website

Chateau Beach

17475 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL