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Cryptic Walmart Renderings Hint At Midtown's New Store

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Two of these renderings of Walmart's upcoming and controversial Midtown Miami store are old hat, and two are new, or at least new to us. Their website promoting the Midtown store doesn't give many answers, pushing a vague idea of growth and prosperity, with a nice thick helping of Americana, rather than a fully realized picture. Each rendering seems to be of the main entrance, which makes us think that each one is either for a completely different version of the design, or the store will have four entrances. The first option seems more likely, although the second would be preferable, and would activate all four sides of the site.

A few weeks ago, neighborhood activists against Walmart's presence in Midtown Miami took some pictures of the store's plans, currently with the City of Miami. The plans themselves are quite large, and thus digitized copies have not thus far been readily obtainable. If you have access to jpegs, PDFs, or better yet, CAD files of the Walmart plans, send them our way.

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Midtown Walmart

2901 N. Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida