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Al Capone's Grand-Niece Pays A Visit To His Old House

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Deirdre Marie Capone, the last living relative of mobster Al Capone to carry his name, came down to Miami to see his house on the market. Accompanied by the Herald's urban affairs correspondent Andres Viglucci, the 72 year old woman took a look around, and had some revelations about the house she hadn't been to since childhood.

· The kitchen used to have a staircase that Al Capone's black servants used.
· There were once separate bathrooms for men and women at the far end of the family room.
· The pool, where she learned to swim, was originally connected to the bay through a grate. "I remember it so well because this was an odd pool," she says. "It had salt water, and it was connected to the bay so the water level would rise and fall. There were fish and algaes and I thought, well, is this really what pools are like?"
· "Dropped dead here." Deirdre recalls, pointing to the upstairs bathroom floor, where Capone had suffered a massive stroke just after getting out the shower.
· Al Capone had nothing to do with the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Well, that's what she says, and she's convinced, so maybe he really didn't.

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Al Capone's House

93 Palm Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida