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Gil Dezer Wire

Sunny Isles Beach developer Gil Dezer only builds one building. Actually, let's rephrase that. Since being scared straight in the real estate crash, Dezer swore to only build one building at a time, and so far he's held to his word. Right now he's working on the over-the-top Porsche Design Tower, but what's next? Well, Dezer is in talks with Lalique, the french glass art company famed for their art deco creations from the 1920s and 30s, to do a Lalique-branded building covered in some sort of glass panels. We can only imagine it will be something fanciful, impractically expensive, and wonderfully absurd. Like a parisian dandy over a trey of Laduree macarons, we're salivating. But remember what followed the extravagances of art deco Paris: a quick capitulation to the Nazis and a long and bloody war. [DBR]

Porsche Design Tower

18555 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160