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The Miami Tower Gets A New Technicolor Dreamcoat

The Miami Tower, that I. M. Pei designed office building downtown that famously bedecks its facade in giant snowflakes every winter, has gone all out with an elaborate new LED lighting system covering its facade. The system, which is programmable by a few keystrokes (and even from a smartphone?) anywhere in the world is leaps and bounds ahead of the building's old lighting system, which involved manually changing the gel over each bulb, and leasing the roofs of neighboring buildings. The new system can make each floor a different color and simulate the effects of exploding fireworks, among lots of other wild effects, and is probably the largest LED light installation anywhere in the US. (the Empire State Building is getting a similar, but much smaller, upgrade)
· Miami Tower changes colors instantly with new LEDs [Miami Herald]

Miami Tower

100 Southeast 2nd Street, , FL 33131