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There's Potential In That Airport-Adjacent No-Man's Land

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The rather barren triangle of abandoned rental car lots east of MIA and the Miami Intermodal Center, tucked in between the Miami River, one of its muckier tributaries, and Palmer Lake, may soon become a snazzy new urban district. There's always been a private development component to the idea of the Metrorail extension to the airport and the MIC, encouraging density and growth along Miami's first substantial extension to the Metrorail in decades, but now city planners are codifying just how the Palmer Lake area will be realized, and it looks pretty big, and excitingly optimistic. This video, with its rather pleasentville-like soundtrack, gives a visual presentation of what the whole transit-oriented development might be like. Imagine taking Metrorail to the airport, then bopping along to a fifties soundtrack while you skip down the main drag of "Palmer City" to the Miami River, where maybe you'll take a water taxi back home.

· Palmer Lake Plan [Homepage]
· Palmer Lake Movie [Youtube]

Miami Intermodal Center

3900 NW 25th St, Miami, FL 33142