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Look At The Guts Of Lincoln Theatre, Revealed And Preserved

In case you missed it, the Miami Herald had a big look at the Lincoln Theatre's construction progress over the weekend, including a tour inside with developer Cliff Stein, as construction continues furiously towards its completion and opening this winter as H&M's new flagship store. Along the way, both developer and architect, Allan Shulman, have made a few discoveries. A decorative water fountain set into the wall, as well as original keystone floors were both revealed and incorporated into the final design. The Theatre's new rear exposures on Lincoln Lane North are also a big, big deal.

Another story, over at the Wall Street Journal, is all about the Theatre's conversion as a case study of successful historic adaptive use.
· Lincoln Theatre's Retail Conversion A Dazzling Deco Drama [Miami Herald]
· Art Deco meets H&M [WSJ]

Lincoln Theatre

541 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach, FL 33139