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Checking In On Apogee Beach, Almost Topped Off

Apogee Beach is way more than half way up, and in fact is just a few floors away from topping off, as can be seen from this recent construction shot. One of Related Group's earliest buildings to start after the crash, the first new post-boom thing to go up in Hollywood Beach, and Related's first stateside commission of one of their new favorite architects, Carlos Ott, Apogee Beach was 80% sold way back in January, and everything - all 49 units - could be totally gone by now. Oh, and guess who the landscape designer is? Unsurprisingly, Raymond Jungles. His stuff may be everywhere, but at least it's good. Renderings are after the jump.

· Apogee Beach [Related Group]

Apogee Beach

4053 S. Surf Rd, Hollywood, FL 33008