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Here's A Preview of Miami's Battshit Crazy Airport 24/7: MIA

Miami is getting yet another reality TV show about how a major part of its economy is absolutely, as the New Times so often says, "battshit crazy," and we've got the video. But first: Miami's current embarrassments. Just this season alone, HBO is filming the Miami Dolphins in action, the CW is all over party hotel The Catalina, and now the Travel Channel's got the stalker pass on a bunch of airport employees for their new show, Airport 24/7:MIA. Since they won't let us embed the video for some reason (work with us here people!), check out the show's preview here. The preview was posted on the exMiami message board on Sunday.

Why is Miami International Airport so interesting? Well, beyond what Curbed archives will tell you on the subject, the airport is fricken massive and getting fricken massiver (it's the fastest growing airport in the U.S.), and because it's in Miami, where it's often smack dab in the center of all the battshit crazy antics of our city (thanks again NT). Plus, you'll get to see all over, and behind the scenes of, some major airport infrastructure. Besides the whole "Miami national embarrassment" factor (we're used to it by now), the show actually looks really awesome.

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