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More Fancy Just-Off-Lincoln Retail Coming, With Renderings!

More renderings of Scott Robins' new 1000 Building have hit the pavement - the blaringly sunny 17th street pavement that is - showing an Arquitectonica design that's actually quite good. Three levels of retail are crowned by a restaurant with outdoor seating and pretty good views (not Juvia-gorgeous, but nice) of Miami Beach. A grand staircase lines the rear of the property, to make the building's vertical circulation as close to Lincoln Road itself as possible. Oh, and construction has started, so yay!

Just around the corner, surrounded by the future Lincoln Lane North project, some national restaurant chain called Yard House (No connection to local Yardbird, a few blocks away) has just gotten approval on a new freestanding building with multiple storefronts at 1681 Lenox Avenue. Slanted glass window walls will support a dramatically flying roof and a little plaza, with fountain, will be visible from Lincoln Road.
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1000 Building

1000 17th Street, Miami Beach, FL

Lincoln Lane North Project

1100 17th Street, Miami Beach, Florida