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Zaha Hadid Designs A Bold Parking Bonanza For Miami Beach

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We're finally getting a close look at Miami Beach's new Zaha Hadid-designed parking garage, which was announced, to much fanfare, during last year's Art Basel Miami Beach. Check out the new drawings, renderings, and etc., which were released just today, above. The garage will be located on two surface parking lots, behind the Miami Beach Library and the Miami City Ballet, crossing above Liberty Avenue, which will be pedestrianized for the width of that block. It is less than a block away from Collins Park and the Bass Museum. A large covered plaza to the east of the new pedestrian street and 20,000 square feet of retail to the west are to be surmounted by five levels of parking. Seating and architectural features in the plaza will evoke sand dunes. Finally, the balustrades of the various parking levels will warp and bend in response to their context, subtly hiding cars from public view while keeping the building as light and airy as possible.

The architect herself, who owns a double condo at the nearby W Hotel, was not present at Miami Beach City Hall last night, when the above new drawings were released at a community meeting, but the excitement was still palpable. Responses from interested parties at the meeting ran the gauntlet from absolute awe and excitement, and interest in the delicate beauty of the design, to one man wondering how quickly homeless throngs will co-opt the attached plaza, appreciation by some that they did not include a water feature in the design, and a few folks surprised that they were not, in fact, painting the whole thing white. Finally, a general debate ensued as to how to dissuade skateboarders from using it, and whether or not permitting them access would actually be a good thing.
· A previous iteration of the garage design [Architizer]

Collins Park Garage

303 23rd Street, Miami Beach, Florida

Collins Park

22nd Street & Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139