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Lincoln Rd. Forever 21's Scaffolding Comes Down, And Wow.

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The scaffolding, covered in that ominous black scrim, has come down around the future Forever 21 Lincoln Road store, in the restored Saks Fifth Avenue building, and damn, is there a difference! The building, which had seen better days, was in recent memory most often known as "that building with the walkway shortcut from the parking garage" but now it's getting a whole new life. So, what's different on the newly revealed front facade? Well, for one thing architect Allan Shulman has replaced the entire third story in glass, and the second story has broad new windows aligning with the historic display windows on the first story. The jarringly inappropriate arched awning has been removed, and you can see where the builders are preparing to install a reproduction of the store's original rectangular one.
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Forever 21 Lincoln Road

701 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL