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Biscayne Books Is An Indie Bookstore For The Upper East Side

Where does Miami's literary scene go for a quick fix? Does Miami even have a literary scene? Why, yes, it obviously does, with initiatives like O Miami, the book fair, Lester's (the rather literary cafe in Wynwood) and our long-established hometown independent bookstore Books & Books. For far too long, however, Books & Books has been the only game in town, and its high time someone else entered the scene to challenge B&B's primacy.

That someone else might be Biscayne Books, a groovy new community bookstore for the Upper East Side / MiMo historic district which just opened on Biscayne Boulevard and 67th Street, with a growing stock of new, used, and no doubt deliciously oddball titles.
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Biscayne Books

6701 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida