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Twisting & Twirling With Bjarke Ingels At Grove At Grand Bay

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As we've previously mentioned here and there, Bjarke Ingels, the debonaire young avant-garde-architect-of-the-moment is designing two condo towers in Coconut Grove at the site of the old Grand Bay Hotel, called Grove at Grand Bay. The buildings are being landscaped by (who else?) Raymond Jungles. With 12 foot ceilings, a slew of luxury amenities, and two twisting buildings that appear to dance together, taking advantage of the sun, or wind, or something, it all looks pretty gorgeous.

Much of Mr. Ingels' architectural oeuvre experiments with the way buildings are used, by doing things like putting a ski slope atop a garbage plant and incorporating bicycle ramps that go up to the tenth floor of an apartment complex. The first we saw of Ingels in Miami, and the only thing he's ever done here besides this, was a prototype of a glowing street that adapted to the traffic needs of those using it, at last year's Design Miami. So what if everyone thought that was just a glowing dance floor with an Audi on it? It was still an awesome idea.
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Grove At Grand Bay

2669 S. Bayshore Drive, Miami, Florida