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The Intercontinental Hotel Explains The 'Dancing Lady'

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Public Relations spin doctors are at work, furiously whipping together an explanation as to just why that recent midlife crisis of a renovation was allowed to be carried out on the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Miami. The explanations focus on the piece de resistance of the renovation's horrors, that dancing woman on the side of the building in a very well filled out blouse, long seductive hair, and arms raised in what would be a very uncomfortable dancing position. The whole effect is best seen in video.

The hotel's new 19-story digital canvas now illuminates the sky each night with moving images and light displays, most notably the silhouette of a dancing lady. It also features a Times Square quality LCD screen and hundreds of LED lights lining the hotel entrance (see photos below). According to InterContinental Miami General Manager Robert Hill, the new-look InterContinental Miami is about high style and urban sophistication. It is about capturing the pulse of Miami and at the same time, redefining its skyline with an added layer of depth and dimension.

And apparently that's that.
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Intercontinental Miami Hotel

100 Chopin Plaza, Miami, Florida