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Comment of the day

"Wouldn't it be nice if the FAA could re-route the air traffic? Perhaps instead of descending and ascending in an easterly-westerly direction, they could flip it to northerly-southerly to avoid Miami's skyline? Probably not, since the runways already run east-west. Whoever planned the airport this way surely didn't foresee the future problems height restrictions might impose upon Miami. Lame... Does this mean Miami might have a stunted skyline? I personally know San Diego's skyline is limited to 500 ft. due to the airport's proximity. So over here, we have a lackluster skyline that looks rather stunted. It's improved over the years, but just don't expect Diego to get any supertalls (bldgs. exceeding 1,000 ft.) unless the airport is relocated. By the way, there's been numerous studies and proposals on this. I just hope Miami doesn't go the way San Diego did by having an airport whose flight paths are in such close proximity to the skyline."-kyzerky [Lowered FAA Height Limits Could Decapitate Downtown Miami]