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Comment of the day

"Maybe this will force developers to build with some balance downtown. Towers are not the only answer, the out of scale application of huge towers next to totally demolished and denuded blocks, does little to increase the street level integrity of the urban environment. By, perhaps, investing in Some smaller silver rather than gold plate projects, we can actually begin stitching together the pedestrian fabric and fill some of the gaps. Whole neighborhoods downtown are maintained as the lowest possible use, surface parking, while their holding companies wait years for the "perfect" moment to make their millions throw up another super-project and disappear into the aether, Downtown Miami lost nearly 30% of its urban fabric to wholesale demolition in the 20th century. This next bubble may burst faster than the last; its time to start building for the long term."-Scott Douglass [Lowered FAA Height Limits Could Decapitate Downtown Miami]