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New Costly Dolphins Stadium Plan Hoopla Opens Old Wounds

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So, the Miami Dolphins want a whole lot of money to build a giant redo of Sun Life Stadium, in time for Super Bowl 50 (see video above). The plan includes a partial roof, new seats, better sightlines, new HD video screens, redone concession areas, and apparently a paint job by Britto. (UPDATE: One commenter says the Britto paint job happened years ago, but hey, some writers don't get around to seeing much football) They've set up a website for the new plan here. They say, and we paraphrase "Hey, it's a good deal. We'll pay for most of it, we'll agree to stay in Miami for 25 years, and it's a hell of a lot less expensive than building a new stadium from scratch," but Miami taxpayers have already paid for 2 stadia that most locals consider to be bad deals for the city (Marlins Park and AmericanAirlines Arena) and are bringing out the full arsenal of opposition to what could possibly be the third. And anyways, how dare they even insinuate that they might leave Miami, their home, and become, what? The Albuquerque Dolphins?
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Sun Life Stadium

2269 Northwest 199th Street Miami Gardens, FL 33056