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Ok, so dear Cathy Vedovi sells stodgy ol' Surf Club, fair enough. But as evidenced by these photoshopped images, the buyers must be randian heros drunk on dreams of beachfront devastation. Honestly their graphics are quite phony baloney. According to Commissioner Graubert, many long-time resident of Surfside oppose this proposal and other similar developments such as the Lanai 'motel' on 92 street. These kinds of grandiose plans are an affront to the character of our town. What's next, crowded beaches? Surfside resembling Sunny (shady) Isles? condo towers on North Shore Park?-swampthing. [Here Are Lots Of Renderings Of The Surf Club, Kobi Karp Style]

The Surf Club

9011 Collins Avenue, , FL 33154 Visit Website