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The Perry Is Being Renovated, Again, To Become The 1 Hotel

The Perry Hotel South Beach, formerly known as the Gansevoort, formerly known as the Roney Palace, on the site of the former Roney Plaza, is being renovated (again!) and renamed the 1 Hotel and Residences, part of a new chain of luxury green hotels owned by Starwood Capital that puts green living before luxurious excess, or something. How they'll make that behemoth of a 1960s architectural bore green is anybody's guess. Apparently the 'Perry', which has been around just a year, was temporary all along while they geared up for the $100 million renovation This is according to a press release that came out early last year before the launch of the '1 Hotel' brand, which is called that because the environment is their '1' priority. And their '2' priority? Maybe extra bellhops, or concierge, or more gold in the lobby.
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