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Could Zaha Hadid's Miami Tower Look Anything Like This?

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When plans for Zaha Hadid's Miami condo tower were announced, little more was said in the press release than "Zaha Hadid is designing a condo tower in Miami where that gas station across from Musuem Park is now." Archicritics, mostly based out of New York, and needing something new to say added rabble like "New York says no to Zaha tower, but Miami says yes!" referencing an architectural competition in the big apple that Ms. Hadid lost, as if Miami was accepting substandard architecture, or Zaha working here sullied her reputation. (As if!) Anywhooo, while we lounge around in short shorts and tanning butter in this beautiful January weather (take that New York!) let's ponder the renderings of that New York tower (via Curbed NY) for insight on what Zaha's Miami tower might be like.

Mind you, the NY competition was for a Midtown Manhattan office building, while the Miami commission is a park-front condo tower with bay views in close proxemity to the hubbub of Downtown Miami. New York's context was the gray limestone, brick, and glass canyon of Park Avenue, while Miami's context is blue skies and neighboring white condo towers. In the aftermath of the New York competition, Curbed NY had a look at all the competition entrants. Here's what they had to say about Zaha's plan:

"Zaha Hadid's design (above) was the only one besides Foster's to touch on the building's actual function as an office. Hadid's write-up for her 669-foot, 40-story project mentions its "openness, flexible design and technological efficiency." As for the design itself, Hadid calls it "a structure of timeless elegance, yet with a strong identity that reflects the complex and sophisticated age in which it was created and mirrors the exceptional setting in which it is placed. Our approach has been to unite the four fundamental qualities for the project?—?Function, Design, Culture and Value?—?and fuse them into a single seamless design which incorporates these characteristics in a harmonious and unified architectural concept." We prefer to think of the design with the moniker given to some of the rendering filenames: WHOOSH." [Curbed NY] · Zaha Hadid Is Designing A Skyscraper In Downtown Miami [Curbed Miami]
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Unnamed Zaha Hadid Tower

1000 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida

One Thousand Museum

1000 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida