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A House In Coral Gables' Chinese Village Is Asking $1 Million

Here's a house designed by architect Henry Killam Murphy and built in 1925 that's in Coral Gables' Chinese Village, listed for $949,000. The house, with its enclosed courtyard and five bedrooms over a little more than 3,000 square feet (these village houses weren't huge) has gobs of oriental architectural details that the brokerbabble just rambles on, and on about...

[The Chinese Village] is a grouping of 8 Oriental style 2 story homes with bright yellow, blue, red or green glazed ceramic roof tiles, circular "moon" windows and gates; intricately carved outrigger beams under the eaves extending out from the roof; upturned roof eaves with traditional statues of good luck animals (fu dogs) adorning the roof ridges, decorative lattice work gates, 10 foot tall high-walled courtyard entries, Chinese fret lattice work on gates, balcony railings, balastruades and friezes and multi-paned casement windows (the mullions are actually made of zinc).
· 5125 Riviera Drive, Coral Gables [Chinese Village House]